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WEDNESDAY | September 15, 2021
- Mrs. Rockeal Jones, Speaker 

Friday | September 17, 2021
Healthy Weight Gain ZoomSession | 7pm (Link will be sent via text)

Saturday | September 18, 2021
● 3 Mile Nature Walk @10am (Choose 1 of 3 locations)


1. Vollmer Road Grove in Matteson- Meet Sis. Kayla Thomas at the trail
entrance at 9:50 am.

2. Dan Ryan Woods Trail at 83rd and Western. Enter Forest Preserve on the

83rd Street side. Meet Bro. DJay Perkins at the entrance at 9:50 am.

You may call 312-572-9335 for questions or further instructions.

3. 63rd Street Beach at Hayes and Lake Shore Drive. Park in the parking lot
and meet Sis. Danielle Jordan by the beach entrance right off of 67th at
9:50 am. Please call 773-357-6213 for questions or further instructions..

Friday | September 24, 2021
● Mental Health Zoom Session | 7pm (Link will be sent via text)

Saturday | September 25, 2021
● Work Out Sessions
- 10 am Seniors
- 11pm Physical Therapy
- 12pm Beginner
- 1pm Intermediate
- 2pm Advanced


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