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Morgan's Monday 2

Good afternoon! I pray all is well. I pray everyone is staying strong during this health and wholeness movement. I know last week for me was a tough week but I finished my day strong today! And that’s what I believe we’re going to do. We’re going to finish strong! We’re going to finish happy! We’re going to finish whole! SAY IT WITH ME! WE ARE GOING TO FINISH STRONG! I know I am because God has been my strength throughout this entire process and I’m getting stronger and better everyday! Just stay focused on God and your goal and nothing can detour you.

Last week we focused on mental health and it had me reflecting on decisions that I made throughout my life. Our decisions affects our own outcomes in life. This could be good or bad. To be transparent, when I was in a bad season mentally I decided that I wasn’t going to turn to God because I felt like he wasn’t helping. I was going to church , singing in the choir, going to Bible study and nothing changed. Then on some Sunday’s I would just cry in church thinking that it was the spirit but in reality I was just emotional. That’s crazy to say but that’s the truth. I was tired of that, so I decided to turn to other things to cope with how I felt. See the problem is when we turn to the other things rather than going to God, it makes your spirit vulnerable to those other things. Then you find yourself in situations that God did not want you to be in all because you decided that God was not your answer. But I’m here to encourage you to tell you he is! Cast all your cares upon him. That’s what he told us. He can handle any and everything! He’s our father and he wants to help us. He wants us to have life and that more abundantly. But we have to seek his face and make time for him. Study his word. Ask God to give you an understanding of his word and how to apply it to your own life. I did it and I'm here to tell you it has changed me for the better! Im not where I’m supposed to be but I’m absolutely not where I used to be. It’s a cliche but that’s so real. So today I encourage you to make that decision and try God before you turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, and anything else that is what I consider a “temporary fix”. Try God and a therapist! (Thanks Genae lol). God is not a temporary fix he’s THE FIXER! It’s going to be ok! Keep pushing and let’s finish strong! I love y’all and have an amazing week!

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